Polly and Nina (FIre and Hemlock, was Hexwood

Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 5 08:06:07 EST 2002

> Ros:
> >  > > One of a great multitude!  That essay just blows me away *every*
> >>  > I read it.  I simply cannot believe all the references, allusions,
> >>  > influences, organising strategies etc.....
> >
> >(Sorry, I've lost track of who said that!)
> >
> >I've obviously missed something here--what essay is this, please?

Hallie replied:

> Hey Ros - my babbling.   DWJ wrote an essay called "The Heroic Ideal
> - A Personal Odyssey" about the writing of Fire and Hemlock.  It was
> published in The Lion and the Unicorn (a children's lit journal) -
> vol. 13, no. 1 June 1989.
> It is probably still available somehow or other.  Nat posted the
> details a long time ago which is how I got a copy.  I could try to
> summarize the essay and post it sometime, instead of just gushing
> about it, if you'd like.

Hallie, you were so great about summarizing The Lancet article that I'm
tempted to say yes! But only do it when/if you really have time. Otherwise,
maybe someone knows where I can get a copy, or has a scanner and send me a

> It'll take a day or two though - *both* kids had
> computer-monopolizing-worthy assignments yesterday, which is why I
> was squeezed into writing far too quickly and while far too tired
> last night.  They're not fini
> shed yet either.

I know what those pesky computer-monopolizing assignments are like...!

If you really don't mind, I would appreciate it very much. But no rush...


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