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Hallie wrote
> I'd never even thought of this before, but it struck
me that there's an
> odd little echo of the Cinderella story in DS. 
Maree's getting the
> money from Rupert enables her to go buy herself some
better clothes,
> which makes her feel better as well as look better. 
Though Rupert must
> be the least gracious fairy godmother ever! :)  But
typically for DWJ,
> there are so many more layers to it that just that. 
Maree's getting the
> new clothes lets her give the old ones to Oxfam,
which turns out to be
> very important on the journey to Babylon.  And since
I'm on a roll of
> seeing odd connections, there could also be an
inside-out Sleeping
> Beauty reference - with her hideous nails like the
thorns, only Maree
> *herself* cuts through them, once she's not so
> unhappy.

You are on a roll Hallie! The business with the
clothes has some 
very classic fairy tale resonances -- the "what goes
around comes 
around stuff" --  be kind to the ants/ugly old
woman/elder tree and 
you'll get back one hundred fold what you gave. So,
Marie doesn't 
forget others in the midst of her good fortune and is
rewarded for it.

and jennifer said
>Do you think the horrible thorn goddess and how she's
spread all 
>Maree's computer fits this?

and Melissa said
>Oooh, interesting idea, especially with Rupert
cleaning out the 
>thorns from the computer--the handsome prince
breaking down 
>the briar wall? Hmmm....  

Fascinating, is there any end to what we can find in
this woman's 

almost everybody is boring some kind of reader or

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet


.......... almost everyone is boring some kind of reader 
or other.

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet

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