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Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at oberlin.edu
Fri Feb 1 18:48:13 EST 2002

>In a message dated 2/1/2002 1:27:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, Ven writes:
>> This has just reminded me -- I went to an all girls
>>  school
Helen said:
>Now I'm trying to remember if I knew before that you were female ... :-)
Probably -- a few months ago I refered to Ven as male, and she corrected
me, so if you read the posts around then you might have known.
(My apologies again, Ven -- all of the Vens I have known were male, so I

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for eventually
it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel

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