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Fri Feb 1 18:18:01 EST 2002

---Original Message From: Hallie O'Donovan
> >Oh dear, upthread Jennifer, and downthread Venkarel,
> >had just about convinced me that they wouldn't
> >remember, and now my tired old mind has got to do
> >another flip because you're argument is convincing
> >too.
> :)  Actually, I found their arguments pretty convincing too.  It got
> me to wondering about whether we've any inkling of who or what
> actually created the Bannus.  I can't think of anybody *except*
> Reigners, but must admit to a bit of cynicism about a group of
> leaders creating something to curb its own power.  Maybe things were
> different a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... :)

It's rare for people to limit their own power, but it happens.  The
wonderful thing about when it *does* happen is that they almost never
limit their own power without trying to also create a system that will
limit the power of subsequent people in their position.  The U.S.
Constitution is an example of such a thing happening.  Maybe it takes a
traumatic experience coupled with a certain twist in perspective to
occur, but it *can* occur.  Picture past Reigners who just went through
a nasty war of succession acting with an eye to preventing such
depravity in the future.  They recognize that they've fixed the problem
for now, but they also want to try to prevent it from happening again in
the future if they can.


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