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Fri Feb 1 16:24:52 EST 2002


>  > >
>>  >Melissa asked whether people were supposed to
>>  >who they were and why they were there when in the
>>  >Bannus field. She thought the Bannus may have
>>  >the rules. Two things here: Firstly, if the field
>>  >supposed to make candidates forget, then
>>  >may have been part of the challenge. Secondly that
>>  >forgetting may have been due to the process by
>>  >they came inot the field -- without prior
>>  >presumably the original candidates would have known
>>  >what they were up for  == or would they ?!.
>>  Hmmm.  I would tend to think that they would have
>known, but that's
>>  only going on the snibbets we see of the Reigners
>thinking about what they
>>  have to do to defeat the Bannus.
>Oh dear, upthread Jennifer, and downthread Venkarel,
>had just about convinced me that they wouldn't
>remember, and now my tired old mind has got to do
>another flip because you're argument is convincing

:)  Actually, I found their arguments pretty convincing too.  It got 
me to wondering about whether we've any inkling of who or what 
actually created the Bannus.  I can't think of anybody *except* 
Reigners, but must admit to a bit of cynicism about a group of 
leaders creating something to curb its own power.  Maybe things were 
different a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... :)

>  > Sort of on the same point - Vierran's "remembering"
>in the hotel, and
>>  finding the taped message on her bracelet-thing was
>yet another thing
>>  which confused me on this go-round.  If she managed
>to figure it out the
>>  time she taped the message, what was it about that
>particular (previous)
>>  scenario which allowed her to sort it out, while on
>the one we see, she
>>  could only figure it out by the accident of finding
>the message?  The two
>>  scenarios don't quite seem to gel - either she's
>saved by the gadgetry her
>>  father has given her, or she's strong enough to
>remember  as part of her
>>  dealing with the Bannus
>Nope, tired old minfd can't cope with thinking about
>this at all.

Lol.  If you only knew how many times over the last few weeks I've 
said the exact same thing!

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