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Mon Dec 30 19:03:36 EST 2002

it's funny because as a fan of anime, the stock answer when asked what your 
dream book to anime film project would be, the stock answer would be "oh, 
miyazaki as the director." i'm pleased about howl's (changes won't bug me -- 
i wasn't expecting a straight take) but it's actually not what i'd choose if 
i had the decision.

my personal choice for a film project would be charmed life directed by 
kunihiko ikuhara (i've mentioned this before, but i doubt anyone has the 
foggiest clue what i'm talking about.)

so i thought i'd share...

kunihiko ikuhara is the director of shoujo kakumei utena (revolutionary girl 
utena.) it's a series about a young girl (a high school freshman, which in 
japan would be 15) who resolves to become a prince (meaning to posess the 
noble characteristics of a prince -- gallant, bold, brave, etc) after being 
saved from her sorrow at a young age. she enters a boarding school called 
ohtori academy and becomes embroiled in a series of (fencing) duels with the 
student council. it's an amazingly vivid and intelligent series, with 
amazing melancholy moments but inventive and bizarre comedy often as well.

one of the main reasons i'd suggest him is because of the period-look of the 
series (it's supposed to take place in contemporary japan, but it certainly 
doesn't look it.) the character designs are by a man called shinya hasegawa 
and they're amazing.

this is nanami touga, and she's a complete bitch. she looks like a good 
gwendolyn, doesn't she?


the second image is much larger:


here's a URL for the official site for the film based on the utena TV 
series, "the adolesence of utena" (or as the US release is incorrectly 
titled, "revolutionary girl utena: the movie"). it's flash-heavy, but you 
can get a look at the general aesthetic of the series.


at any rate, between the emotional subtlety and the finely-tuned comedy of 
the series -- along with the general aesthetic being perfect for the 
denizens of chrestomanci castle (although there's no one who's anything but 
rail-thin in utena, so millie and roger and julia would present a problem..) 
it would be wonderful. i have a feeling chrestomanci would end up looking 
something like akio ohtori (although with a different skin tone.)


ah, well, i've babbled a lot and not really gotten anywhere. i think it 
would be lovely, anyway. =)


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