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Dear DWJer's
     I've been quietly lurking since August, but now that I am officially 
retired as a librarian (YAY) I may have more time to read the lists...sure 
hope so.
     I hope that any of you who attend East Coast science fiction conventions 
will come to the Poison Pen Press table and say 'hi' to me.  Ditto SCA 
     The following was sent to me by my friend Su Braviak, who sells DVDs and 
     The new film ''Hauru no Ugoku Shiro'' will based on ''Howl's Moving 
Castle'' by British author Diana Wynne Jones. The story, set in a world of 
science and witchcraft, describes the romance between a sorcerer called Howl 
and an 18-year-old girl Sophie who was turned into a 90-year-old granny under 
a spell on the eve of war.

Miyazaki initially planned only to participate in the project but has 
officially decided to direct the film himself, Toho said.

''I'd like to create a magnificent depiction of the 'melodrama of war,''' 
Miyazaki said in a statement.

Miyazaki and his team will begin working on the film from February at his 
Studio Ghibli and are aiming to complete it by spring of 2004, the 
distributor said.

"Melodrama of war"?  What melodrama of war?  gnarish...

If I had a million dollars, I think I'd like to make a movie of "Fire and 
Hemlock".  Lots of great visuals, some opportunities for great music, a 
little young lust...
Devra Langsam
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