Merry Christmas!

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sun Dec 29 16:37:47 EST 2002

> Paul asked...
> > Enjoying yourselves? Did you get any good presents
> this year?
> > Did you *give* any good presents this year?

I've already mentioned that I recieved two DWJs,
"Wilkins Tooth" and "Stopping for a spell", I also
recieved three other books; Robin Hobb's "Fool's
errand " and "Golden fool" and Thomas Harlan's "The
storm of heaven", but best was the set of DVDs of the
'60s TV show "The prisoner" which starred Patrick
McGoohan. I've seen a couple of episodes on video
since it was first on, but for most of it I still rely
on memory of it being on TV 35 years ago. Only Dr Who
and The Avengers from the same era stick in my mind as

As for giving, I gave my wife mainly videos - 5
Marilyn Monroe movies and Lantana. The DVD of
Breakfast at Tiffanies (The kids gave her the DVD of
Gosford Park as well). plus several books - 2 on
artist Andy Goldsworthy (If you don't know him look
him up - I think he'd appeal to most list members -
his artworks are almost always simple alterations of
nature - I'll put some links to his work at the foot
of this), and Sara Douglass' Hade's Daughter.
No books for the kids this year - Kate(24) got a boxed
set of 7 Hitcock DVDs as her main present, for Sarah
(21) there was a pasta maker, a jigsaw puzzle and a
roll up mat for doing jigsaws on (The fight for the
dining table is always a problem in this house). They
also gave each other DVDs (Willow and Amelie) so we
have much TV viewing to do. One of our friends gave
Sarah a gargoyle - my sister gave her one for her 21st
so now she is starting a herd (flock?).

Some websites for Andy Goldsworthy
(click on the link on the left)

Jon Noble

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