Merry Christmas!

Denise DeGraf mustang at
Sun Dec 29 14:04:27 EST 2002

Paul danced around singing:
>Enjoying yourselves? Did you get any good presents this year?
>Did you *give* any good presents this year?

Yes to both!  :)  It was a rather DWJ Christmas this time around, woohoo!

I gave Small Gods & Last Hero (Pratchett), Witch Week, Dark Lord of 
Derkholm, Deep Secret, and the Dragonlover's Guide To Pern to my 
boyfriend.  (More accurately, I *gave* him SG & WW, as those were the only 
two I could cram in my travel bag as I flew to cross-country Maryland, USA 
to spend a couple of weeks with him -- the rest are being sent here from my 
home in a box.)

This year, I was bright about my Christmas list: instead of writing a 
brand-new one, I sent my mother my Amazon Wish List instead.  I now have 
DWJ: Exciting/Exacting Wisdom, Witch's Business (DWJ), Wizard Alone 
(Duane), Wizard's Hall (Yolen), Dealing with Dragons (Wrede), and Crown 
Duel (Smith) sitting on my bookcase back at home.  Yay!  I wanted to bring 
a couple to read on the trip, but had to focus the space on what I could 
give to my BF rather than things to entertain myself.  I figure I'll just 
have to hijack titles out of his bookcase while I'm here instead.

Denise DeGraf ~~
"You're down as expendable.  You don't get a weapon."
    -- Diana Wynne Jones (Dark Lord of Derkholm)

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