DWJ dream movie (was Re: OT: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - SPOILERS!)

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Jon asked...

> Maybe we could bring this thread back to DWJ bt
> discussing a hypothetical film of a DWJ book. If you
> had an unlimited budget to film one DWJ book, which
> would it be (think about which would make the best
> film - or which would you like to see visualised) and
> who would you cast....

"Fire and Hemlock" gets my vote as well. It would be a visually stunning film, with a lot of neat shots. (Including the one I always see clearest in my mind, the moment with Polly in Laurel's room and in front of the mirror, seeing Tom's photo over her shoulder. Then realizing there was no way she should have seen it from where she was standing.)

But as much as I'm obsessed wi...love this book I have to think that it could be a nightmare to script.  There's *at least* three layers to it (allegory on growing up/fairy tale/**extremely** subtle love story); in order to keep the layers, what do you keep in, what do you cut out, what can't you cut out. If you hack out too much, the whole thing falls apart.  And then there's *that ending*. How could *that ending* possibly be made accessible and sensible to a mass audience? 

The only real casting idea I'd have for this are Granny and Ivy. For some reason, Granny sounds like Dame Maggie Smith as I read F&H . Emily Watson does crazy and/or sulky rather well; she'd make a good Ivy. As for Polly, I think it'd take at least three different girls to play her. (Polly the pre-teen, Polly the early teen, and Polly at nineteen.) Dorian suggested perhaps Orlando Bloom for Tom ; while my hormones heartily support that idea ;) I don't know if Mr. Bloom isn't too pretty for the part? I certainly agree with the suggestion about William B. Davis (Smoking Man) for Leroy ; no one does lurking and sinister like that man! 

More thoughts when I'm more coherent


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