Merry Christmas!

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Fri Dec 27 14:28:03 EST 2002

Paul asked:

> Enjoying yourselves? Did you get any good presents this year?
> Did you *give* any good presents this year?

I had a good Christmas.  I gave many satisfactory presents, including
several books because that's what I do.  I got almost all of Jim Butcher's
Dresden Files for Jacob, minus the third one (which is my favorite so far,
bummer, but serves me right for waiting until the 24th), gave the MST3K
Episode Guide to someone who is notoriously hard to shop for (and thinks he
isn't, but if he would stop buying himself everything he likes...), and
found many books for my children as well.

I *got* the new paperbound edition of Terry Pratchett's _The Last Hero_.  I
never imagined I would own this, since the hardcover is hugely expensive,
and I didn't even know about the new one.  It's got extra illustrations and
is simply gorgeous.  If I owned a coffee table, this would be on it.  I also
got extra bits for my Christmas village, yes I do have a light-up Christmas
village, and when I am an old crone like Diana Trent I will no doubt have
one bigger than my house, ahahahaha.  And much chocolate.

Today is my wedding anniversary.  We are celebrating by remembering to
celebrate.  In past years, we have both often looked at one another on the
28th and said, "Um, gosh, wasn't yesterday....well, happy anniversary then."
At eleven years, this is the longest I have done anything except school, and
I have to say that being married has overall been far more pleasant than

Melissa Proffitt

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