DWJ dream movie (was Re: OT: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - SPOILERS!)

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Fri Dec 27 11:43:09 EST 2002

Jon asked...

> Maybe we could bring this thread back to DWJ bt
> discussing a hypothetical film of a DWJ book. If you
> had an unlimited budget to film one DWJ book, which
> would it be (think about which would make the best
> film - or which would you like to see visualised) and
> who would you cast....

It would probably have to be a mini-series, for the length, but I think
"Fire and Hemlock".  It would be so cool to see the blendings of Nowhere and
Now Here, and there are so many great visual bits - the giant in the
supermarket, the face(s) reflected in the mirror(s), the Chinese horse, the
newspaper monster, the fun-fair, and of course the wavery nothing-y pool at
the end.

I've not much idea who you could cast, though; I don't watch enough movies
or television.  If he could do the accent, Orlando Bloom *might* work for
Tom, and with a bit of weight on him "Cancer Man" from the X-Files might do
Morton Leroy.  I'm rather lost on Laurel and Polly, though.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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