Merry Christmas!

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Fri Dec 27 11:36:46 EST 2002

Paul asked...

> Enjoying yourselves? Did you get any good presents this year?
> Did you *give* any good presents this year?

Oh yes, I think so... :-)

I got a three-foot high wooden cat statue from my mother-in-law, which is
deeply cool and which is going to sit by the fireplace and guard the house.
And Patrick gave me Neil Gaiman's "Coraline", which I've been wanting for
months and which was well worth the wait.  If you haven't read it, go get
it!  And my mother is getting us a folding bed so we don't have to keep
borrowing her spare mattress. :-)

I gave lots of books - no DWJ, but people seemed to be pleased anyway; my
mother was quite impressed with the Grand Tour journal of the first Lord
Charlemont (a man who built a very cool place called the Casino, in Dublin,
after his Grand Tour), and though he hasn't actually got it yet (he's not
arriving here till tomorrow), I think Patrick's brother will like his Middle
Earth bestiary.  Patrick's sister's new boyfriend, however, looked as if he
thought he ought to take offence at the mug with the slogan "anything worth
having is worth waiting for". :-)

Merry Midwinter, all!

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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"I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be
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