Merry Christmas!

christian nutt ferricide at
Thu Dec 26 18:33:21 EST 2002

>From: Paul Andinach
>Or Yule. Or Litha. Or whatever.

back at you -- and everyone.

>Enjoying yourselves? Did you get any good presents this year?

thus far it's not bad. i have fewer and fewer friends where i'm from so 
visits back home seem increasingly pointless. ironically, i have plans here 
with lots of my friends who also moved to california (here being new 
jersey.) but it's nice to see my parents and enjoy "home". still, i can't 
imagine moving back here at this point. this increases my resolve to not 
return, which isn't a very christmasy emotion but interesting.

the only book i got was a nice, hardback italian cookbook by a chef called 
lidia who has a show on PBS that i quite like. i didn't ask for it, so it 
was a nice thoughtful gift (from my mother.) other nice things as well. but 
not too overwhelmingly interesting. i've already blathered on enough. =)

>Did you *give* any good presents this year?

three copies of deep secret and counting. everyone seemed pleased enough to 
get a gift of it, but they haven't read any DWJ so we'll see how this turns 
out. one more to go ...


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