OT: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - SPOILERS!

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Thu Dec 26 17:38:20 EST 2002

Well, now that we've actually seen it, and the big day is over...


<more spoilers>

<lots of spoilers>

Boy, that was amazing!  That first scene rehashing the battle with the
Balrog was a rush!  And Helm's Deep was everything I wished for.  A few days
before we went to the movie, we saw a television special on the making of
The Two Towers.  I can't believe what those actors had to go through.  There
was a part where they showed extras standing around in the rain filming the
big battle scenes, and somebody was wearing an "I Survived Helm's Deep"
T-shirt.  Very appropriate.  And I can't even talk about Gollum, I'm so
impressed.  They showed Andy Serkis dressed in his white suit, rolling down
the stream after a fish, and when I saw the scene in the film it was
disconcerting to remember the real actor's movements.  After the movie we
were all arguing over whether it would be possible to nominate an animated
character for an Oscar.  :)

About Faramir...me too.  He's one of my favorite characters.  See, I can
understand revising his role and strengthening the "I want the Ring for
Gondor" thing.  One of our friends

(sidebar: we were driving to the theater and I remembered that this couple
had been planning to see it sometime after opening night, and said that
maybe we should have called them to see when they were going.  Well, when we
got inside it turned out they were at the same showing!  So we had an
impromptu party.)

one of our friends defended it saying that Faramir's change of heart worked
as the opposite to Boromir's failure, since essentially Faramir was making
the right decision and defending it with his life.  I think that's a good
point.  My problem was that Faramir's whole character as portrayed in the
film seemed wrong to me.  I know it's been a while since I read the book,
but I remember him (as others have already pointed out) as this really nice
guy who was in his bigger brother's shadow way too much, who maybe had a
suspicion that all the qualities everyone admired in Boromir didn't
represent the best of humanity, but was trying to do his best anyway.  I
would have been content with all the other changes--heck, I would have been
thrilled!  More screen time for Faramir!--if somehow his personality hadn't
been so altered.  As it was, I kept thinking he was just *too* much like

I also liked the changes to the romance between Eowyn and Aragorn--it always
seemed so one-sided on her part, and I despised her just a bit for being
so...um...needy of somebody who didn't love her back, because she was such a
tough and independent woman who TOTALLY could have run Rohan on her own.
(Eomer was a dish, wasn't he?  What pretty brown eyes!  :)  So I like her
lots better now.  I don't know why the suggestion that Arwen went to the
Grey Havens, unless it was to build up that tension and make it seem less
inevitable that Aragorn will end up with Arwen in the end.

And now that I can reveal that I bought my husband (i.e. both of us, but
since I was the one making the purchase he was the only one surprised, or
would have been had I not stupidly left the receipt lying on the floor) the
extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring for Christmas, we can
eventually watch that.  This was the Year of DVDs for us, so it may take a
while.  I do know that the bit about Galadriel's gifts is in the extended
version, but not everyone is going to see that, and I thought it was
important.  Like, for example, when Frodo and Sam are hiding right under the
noses of Sauron's goons under the elven cloak--well, since when did they
have elven cloaks?  But I think I'm just being unnecessarily picky on this

Melissa Proffitt

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