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On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 10:05:49PM -0800, Jon Noble wrote:
> Maybe we could bring this thread back to DWJ bt
> discussing a hypothetical film of a DWJ book. If you
> had an unlimited budget to film one DWJ book, which
> would it be (think about which would make the best
> film - or which would you like to see visualised) and
> who would you cast....

For me, it's a bit of a toss-up between _The Ogre Downstairs_ and
_Cart and Cwidder_.  Either one would make a good film, for different
reasons. The Ogre Downstairs would be good because of its mundane
setting, with ordinary people as characters, so it wouldn't be that hard
to film, apart from the actual effects needed for the magic.  I can just
imagine the bikies-growing-like-mushrooms in the parking lot, or the
living toffee bars, or the flying scenes, they would all be good.

_Cart and Cwidder_ might be better as a mini-series or something,
because it's got a bigger plot (with The Ogre Downstairs I think one
could cut out incidents without losing the essential plot, while with
Cart and Cwidder it's more integrated).  It has a good solid plot of
intrigue and drama and peril,  I think the "period" culture would be
easier to portray than that of "Spellcoats" (which is the only other
Dalemark book one could start with, since the other two are sequels).
You'd have to get a good composer to write the songs, of course, but
that would be an added attraction of the movie if you *did* get a good

As for who I would cast, I don't really see enough movies to be able to
get a good idea of who is out there.  And with child actors it's even
more difficult, since in either movie you would need a good ensemble of
children playing most of the parts.

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