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christian nutt ferricide at
Mon Dec 23 17:33:11 EST 2002

>Writer: Reiko Yoshida (does anyone know anthing about her?)

looked all over for her name. only place i could find it was as 
an animator on kiki and the writer of the most recent ghibli film, neko no 
ongeashi. so at least she's written one film... looking at miyazaki's 
previous works, even the ones adapted from another medium (ex. kiki) he's 
written the screenplay.  so this may prove to be unusual.

a web search reveals that she also wrote the script to the street fighter 
zero film, which is reputed (like most anime based on fighting games) to be 
quite bad. not terribly heartening, but if it was simply a work-for-hire 
type situation we can't really blame her.

further search, from
Staff in:
Digi-girl Pop! (TV) : Series Planning
Digimon: The Movie : Scenario
Howl's Moving Castle (movie) : Script
Kiki's Delivery Service (movie) : Ink & Paint
Rurouni Kenshin OAV 2 : Script
Scrapped Princess (TV) : Script Supervisor
Street Fighter Alpha (movie) : Original story
Tokyo Mew Mew (TV) : Original Manga (story)

digimon: the movie makes sense, since that's what the (now ex-) director 
hosoda had also worked on. digimon is not nearly as trite and cliched as 
pokemon, for what it's worth. =)

i have no idea what "scrapped princess" and "digi-girl pop!" are.   probably 
crap for kids. further research is not warranted. tokyo mew mew is 
definitely crap for kids (it looks *very* crap in fact) but i'm skeptical 
that's her. rurouni kenshin OAV is actually very well written. this is a 
very disparate career list, so it may be that there is more than one reiko 
yoshida in the world of anime, further confusing things. the idea that she's 
an animator, manga-ka and writer seperately (but never together on the same 
title) seems rather far-fetched to me.


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