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On Sun, 1 Dec 2002, Katherine Ferguson wrote:

|(de-lurking briefly)
|Just wondering if anyone else has a database or detailed list of
|editions of DWG (and if they'd like to share it!). I'm trying to
|update/expand the cover art site and although I have a reasonably
|complete database of UK editions I don't have all the pictures, and it
|would be useful to know what other editions there are, in particular
|when the UK first is not necessarily the same as the international
|Deborah, were you talking about something similar a while ago? And xml?
|or am I imagining things again (possible <g>)

I was talking about doing this, and I have started the work, but I am
nowhere near to completing it.  I've been trying to put all Diana Wynne
Jones editions into an XML database, and it is extremely time-consuming.
I can give you what information I have, but it isn't very good.  And of
course, I would happily collaborate with somebody else to make this
information more complete.  For example, if people have information in a
flat text or HTML file or some other format, such as an Excel
spreadsheet, that I can import that information into my database.

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