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christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Dec 20 12:42:22 EST 2002

>From: Katarina Hjärpe
>>>[There's also some 'concept art' from the film here:
>>> ]
>>how nastily blown up. sure doesn't look like my vision of howl's castle.
>*Is* it the castle? thought the bottom right part might be Calcifer's 
>mouth. But it's  the castle, then. I should probably go back and look 

it seems to be, to me. you can see the buildings at the top and it seems to 
be floating in front of a bridge. like i said, it's rather nastily blown up. 
i imagine that picture was originally very, very tiny (for some reason, 
japanese websites never give you reasonably sized images, although that's 
slowly changing) and blew it up.

it's just concept art, anyway. we'll have to see how the actual art turns 
out, and with the film coming out in mid-2004 we won't be seeing any real 
production art until 2004 anyway, i'd imagine.


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