OT: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - SPOILERS!

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Fri Dec 20 05:18:48 EST 2002

On 19/12/02 7:42 pm, "Kerry Dustin" <kerry at forty-two.co.nz> wrote:

> Except I wished they'd been able to show
>> Galadriel's gifts, since that's important later on.  Anyway, I
>> haven't been disappointed by the editorial choices to this point.
> Just for the record, that scene is in the extended version.
> I saw it last night and loved it.  It's so long since I read the books I
> can't remember many, many details so I really just sat there and watched
> the movie.  I felt they had caught the spirit of the story well since
> they had to condense so much into 3 hours and they had do a good job at
> humanising the characters.
I'm really hoping that New Line will have a limited theatrical release of
the extended editions of all three movies.

Fellowship I thought captured the spirit of the novel and kept most of the
important detail, as well as working well as an exciting film.  But in The
Two Towers - SPOILERS  - the behaviour of several characters is radically
different to the source, and at this point I can't understand why they made
the changes. Faramir was the biggest disappointment - in the book, he is
presented as being wiser and more sensitive than his bossy big brother. He
finds out that Frodo has the ring but, true to his word, lets Frodo and Sam
go. But in the film he insists that Frodo come with him to Gondor, and plans
to take the ring - then a Nazgul attacks - but is driven off by an arrow! -
one arrow! - and then Sam makes this impassioned speech about there being
some things worth fighting for - and then Faramir says oh sorry I've changed
my mind you can go... it just doesn't make sense. And I've reread the Two
Towers since and the way those chapters are written is just fine.

But Gollum... Gollum is fantastic. Exactly as I imagined, and really well


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