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I don't know how many of you are familiar with the concept of a
Wikipedia.  Essentially, a Wikipedia is a collaborative
encyclopedia-building project.  Any user with the Web access can add
articles to this encyclopedia, or modify existing articles.  This will
be done anonymously -- the system doesn't log any information about you
or your computer (although you can configure a user if you want your
preferences for the site to be saved, but this is 100% optional).

I've decided to create a Diana Wynne Jones Wikipedia.  That way, all of
us who are Diana Wynne Jones fans on the Internet can add information.
You don't need to know any fancy HTML.  Everything complex you need to
know to add information is below, and there are much better written
documents linked from the Wikipedia homepage that I post above.

If you want to edit an existing page, just click on the "edit text of
this page" link on the bottom of every page.

To add a new page, pick a page from which to link the new article (for
example, to make an article on "stew", you might link from the page
called "Tough Guide To Fantasyland", or maybe from the page called
"OMT").  Then edit the text of the page that already exists, and create
the new article by linking to it using the format "[[stew]]".  So, for
example, if the existing page "Tough Guide To Fantasyland" contained the
text "the Tough Guide tells us about [[small man]]", you would edit it
to say "the Tough Guide tells us about [[small man]] and [[stew]]".  At
the bottom of the editing page, you'll see a "save" button which saves
your changes.  When you save your changes, you will see the newly edited
page.  After the link you just added ("stew"), you will probably see a
hyper linked question mark.  This means that you have linked to the page
"stew", but you haven't yet created it.  If you click on this question
mark, you'll be given the opportunity to create a page about stew.

It may sound complicated, but it really isn't.  Don't worry if you mess
something up.  Somebody else can fix it.  ;)

Please try it out!  Have fun,


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