Pierce - Lady Knight

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 19 21:22:06 EST 2002

>I've just read the third of Dart-Thornton's
>Bitterbynde books - "the battle of evernight" and
>found it quite interesting. I found the Australianism
>less jarring - only one still annoyed - but her
>writing style seems to have completely changed. It is
>as if she has used the money she made from books 1 and
>2 to buy a very large dictionary. her writing is now
>so florid it makes Jack Vance look positively plain.

I'm staggered. I tried and failed to read the first book because I felt it 
was suffering from thesaurus-itis. That is, that she was using a lot of 
unusual words that didn't always quite fit the meanings and sentences they 
were shoved into. Like she didn't natively have the vocabulary, but rather 
used a thesaurus to replace words. The idea that the vocab could get more 
florid makes me squint just thinking about it.


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