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christian nutt ferricide at
Thu Dec 19 20:09:35 EST 2002

>From: andrew osmond

>[There's also some 'concept art' from the film here:
> ]

how nastily blown up. sure doesn't look like my vision of howl's castle. but 
i'm sure once miyazaki's through with it, the castle will seem alive and 
vibrant. spirited away was excellent. and princess mononoke was quite a 
looker as well, although i'm overall lukewarm on it.

i doubt that, in the end, this film will jibe much with my personal 
interpretations of the book. however, i think there's a great potential for 
synergy we wouldn't necessarily expect from this fresh perspective (i've 
said it before -- i think kiki's delivery service has a lot of DWJ-ish 

anyway, it's awfully far off. but i'm looking forward to it all the same. 
now, kunihiko ikuhara has to announce he's doing charmed life for me to be 
*really* happy.


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