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On Tue, Dec 17, 2002 at 09:19:54AM -0000, Macrae-Gibson,R wrote:
> There was a review of children's audiobooks in the Independent this Sunday.
> Thankfully someone had left a copy behind in the pub or I wouldn't
> have seen it, but I was merrily reading through the review section,
> only to practically jump out of my seat on turning the page to
> discover DWJ staring out at me.  With all the hoo-haa over JK Rowling,
> it's just so nice to see that someone has remembered, although the
> review (of the audiotape of Mixed Magics, read by Anthony Head)

Oooh!  There's a DWJ audio book read by Anthony Stewart Head?
Be still my beating heart!  Where can I get it?
(My criteria for audiobooks is twofold: it has to be a book/author I
like, read by an actor I like.  That way I get two treats for the price
of one.)

> inevitably makes the comparison:

> 'Like JK Rowling, DWJ had realised the comic potential of making magic
> seem a part of daily life'
> Hmmm, from what I remember of reading the first 2 HP books, magic
> doesn't seem a part of everyday life. And anyway, DWJ does it so much
> better!

Not only does she do it better, she did it *first*!

Can't they get their facts straight?

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