Deep Secret--new US editition

JOdel at JOdel at
Tue Dec 17 12:02:52 EST 2002

<< Censored how? What's been left out? >>

Apparantly bowdlerized. Various supposedly naughty words replaced by ones 
less likely to shock the tender minds of the YA crowd. (Yeah, right.) Didn't 
sound from the description as if the storyline has any obvious changes.

It's the parent-friendly edition.

>>That's disgraceful. Have you considered sending it back to the publishers 
and demanding a refund?

no. i hadn't. that's an interesting idea. possibly i should include the book 

and a strongly-worded letter about the nature of their facile and largely 

pointless censorship and demand a copy of the regular paperback in exchange. 

Check and see whether there is the usual boilerplate paperback disclaimer at 
the front where it attests to the pb edition containing all the material in 
the original HB and nail them.
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