Small snippet in the Independent on Sunday

Macrae-Gibson,R R.Macrae-Gibson at
Tue Dec 17 04:19:54 EST 2002

There was a review of children's audiobooks in the Independent this Sunday.
Thankfully someone had left a copy behind in the pub or I wouldn't have seen it, but I was merrily reading through the review section, only to practically jump out of my seat on turning the page to discover DWJ staring out at me.
With all the hoo-haa over JK Rowling, it's just so nice to see that someone has remembered, although the review (of the audiotape of Mixed Magics, read by Anthony Head) inevitably makes the comparison:
'Like JK Rowling, DWJ had realised the comic potential of making magic seem a part of daily life'

Hmmm, from what I remember of reading the first 2 HP books, magic doesn't seem a part of everyday life. And anyway, DWJ does it so much better!


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