deep secret - new US edition + i'm back

Philip.Belben at Philip.Belben at
Mon Dec 16 13:30:16 EST 2002

> Christian wrote:
>>i'd unsubscribed from the DWJ list for the past few months because
>>i'd been busy with various things going on in my life. but now
>>things have settled down a bit so i thought i'd resubscribe.
> Hey, welcome back!  (Only barely here myself, but never mind.)

I'll second both of those.  Heck, I'd not loked at the list since the week
before last...

>deep secret spoilers below
>>first up, every instance of damn is now "darn."

Oh, for heaven's sake!  When I was at school, even the teachers used "damn"...

>>in the book, rupert remarks that his brothers used to call him a "a
>>little shit." it's "a little brat" and loses much of its comedy.
>>after maree is stripped by gram white, rupert picks her up and says
>>it's one of the most "sensual" experiences he has ever had. in the
>>new edition, it's "extraordinary."
> Actually, it's one of the most "sexual" experiences. I was telling

Either way, why "extraordinary"?  But then, who knows what goes on in the
censor's mind?

>>worst change, i think: after maree is stripped, rupert tells janine
>>that someone has stapled six rabbit testicles to her left breast. (i
>>think that's right.) in the new version, it's "six rabbit turds to
>>your shirt."

But rabbit's turds don't look at all bloody, which I'm sure that that jumper did
(I mean the B word literally, not in its expletive sense :-) )  Do we get "her
bleeding bosom" or whatever the phrase is?

> I'm just flabbergasted by this.  It's got to be the most stupid,
> pointless, idiotic...  Well, you all know.  Why on earth did they
> feel it was necessary - either to aim it at YA audience OR to make
> those changes to do so?  Only reason I can figure for the first is
> that kids fantasy is possibly seen as selling even more than adults,
> though that's probably wrong.  And the second is just totally
> incomprehensible - are US markets different from UK/Irish ones or
> isn't there much "worse" in YA than a few words like "damn", and
> "shit"?  If I *were* going to censor it for kids (which I wouldn't!),
> I'd dim down the description of the murder of the kids a bit, not
> worry about the language.

Hear, hear!  Well said, Hallie!

Christian, _please_ do a comparison at some stage.  I want to hear what the
censors did with Zinka's paintings - you know, of humans copulating with the
ribby-winged beings that you find in increasing numbers as you go ayewards from
the empire.  Not to mention the description of the orgy...

(Re-reading that last paragraph.  "What the censors did with Zinka's paintings"
- forbade her to display them?  You know what I meant, though...)


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