dwj for christmas

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Tue Dec 17 03:31:23 EST 2002

On Tuesday 17 December 2002 04:05, christian nutt wrote:
> it's not possible for me to *ask* for DWJ books for christmas,
> because everything i'm missing is out of print or UK only at the
> moment. 

My youngest daughter (seven) asked for _Charmed Life_ for St.Nicholas, 
but there was a large gap on the shelf in the bookshop where it ought 
to have been (another young DWJ fan in town? I wish I knew who). I got 
her _Cart and Cwidder_ instead, not a new translation as I'd hoped but 
at least they've restored the real names instead of the cheesy Dutch 
equivalents that were in the old copy I had (and gave away when I got 
the original).

She didn't like it one bit - not the book, but the fact that she'd got 
something different - but now it's beside her bed and she reads it 
whenever she's not asleep, like in the morning and half an hour the 
night before non-school days. (She can't do as her older sister does 
and read on the sly on nights before school days, because she shares 
the room with her twin who tends to grumble)


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