dwj for christmas

Kale lskale at metaplaxia.net
Tue Dec 17 02:00:36 EST 2002

At 03:05 AM 12/17/2002 +0000, christian nutt wrote:
>it's not possible for me to *ask* for DWJ books for christmas, because 
>everything i'm missing is out of print or UK only at the moment. i just 
>need wilkin's tooth/witch's business, yes, dear (has anyone read this?), 
>wild robert, and changeover. i think. anything else on the rare side that 
>i could be missing? i used to keep a list but it became pointless when i 
>got this close to finishing it.

Welcome back, Christian :)  I've been acquiring some UK editions through a 
friend in Singapore.  My DWJ Christmas/birthday gift was Diana Wynne Jones: 
An Exciting and Exact Wisdom.  I'm in a queue to get Witch's Business from 
the library; Amazon has the hardcover.

I believe I read Yes, Dear.  It was one of those picture books and involved 
a grandmotherly figure.  Here's a summary: "Kay catches a magic golden leaf 
that creates all kinds of wondrous things, but everyone is too busy to 
listen to her tell about it."   (Except her grandmother.)

I think Changeover is super-rare, along with the Skiver's Guide.

I haven't had much luck converting people to DWJ.  In one case, my friend 
isn't much of a fan of children's literature and about the only thing she 
liked were the Chrestomanci books.  I think DWJ is too strange for 
her.  Another read my precious Fire and Hemlock and deemed it boring.

I did send another copy of Fire and Hemlock to another friend for 
Christmas, who is quite intrigued by it.  I might even lend him my Diana 
Wynne Jones: An Exciting and Exact Wisdom, as he's enough of a lit person 
to appreciate it.

>the new list i need is of softbacks i want to replace with hardcovers 
>because i like the book too much to have it in a frail format. archer's 
>goon at the top. (i have hardcore deep secret, and a dear friend of mine 
>got me hardcover hexwood last christmas, so my two faves are taken care of.)

I tend to just get second or third paperback copies of my favorites.  I 
recently acquired a second copy of the Berkley edition of Fire and Hemlock, 
which is a weight off my mind.


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