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Nat Case ncase at
Sat Dec 14 19:11:26 EST 2002

Thanks for the advice. I think (more for map-space reasons than 
sense) we're going with Houston for the Romance Writers of America 
(largest genre-writing group in the world at 8000 members). Toronto 
for Harlequin World HQ was a close second, but it would mean ditching 
Niagara Falls, which would be just plain wrong...

Thanks again, all

At 2:28 PM +0000 12/14/02, hallieod at wrote:
>>OK, I'm up against a deadline and need some advice:
>>I'm helping pull together our new title, a map-format publication 
>>about romance -- its cultural history, geography, and other 
>>thematic variants. This thing has been in production since last 
>>spring, and the editors managed to forget about romance novels 
>>until the middle of the afternoon today, and of course now we are 
>>down to needing something this weekend... So, I thought I'd try my 
>>literary friends and see if anything comes up...
>>I am looking for a point, a place, which can be tied to the 
>>development of the modern romance novel. Toronto, headquarters of 
>>Harlequin Books is one idea. We already have Green Gables. Any 
>>others? Any help is welcomed...
>>Desperately yours,
>Oh, what an unenviable job!  I can't think this is going to be of 
>much help, but you said you were desperate, and maybe someone else 
>will think it's so stupid that it'll trigger a better idea or two. 
>Haworth, Yorkshire, for the Brontes.  And London for all the 
>regencies/historicals which revolve around doing the Season in 
>London.  Georgette Heyer wrote quite a few with this element, and 
>she was enormously influential in romance, to the best of my limited 
>knowledge anyway.  And  Byron arguably did his romantic worst in the 
>London scene, and where would romance be without the Byronic hero? 
>(Better off, IMHO, but that is definitely not to the point.)  Maybe 
>even Bath,  for Jane Austen (Catherine Morland and Anne Eliot), who 
>wasn't a romance writer, but could again be said to be influential - 
>Bridget Jones Diary being one of the more recent examples?
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