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> I'm just flabbergasted by this.  It's got to be the most stupid,
> pointless, idiotic...  Well, you all know.  Why on earth did they
> feel it was necessary - either to aim it at YA audience OR to make
> those changes to do so?  Only reason I can figure for the first is
> that kids fantasy is possibly seen as selling even more than adults,
> though that's probably wrong.  And the second is just totally
> incomprehensible - are US markets different from UK/Irish ones or
> isn't there much "worse" in YA than a few words like "damn", and
> "shit"?  If I *were* going to censor it for kids (which I wouldn't!),
> I'd dim down the description of the murder of the kids a bit, not
> worry about the language.

I'm more bemused by this whole censorship thing.  Who honestly believes that
12 year olds don't hear words like "damn" and "shit" every day anyway?

In grave danger of getting onto her censorship rant,
"I must have some booze. I demand to have some booze!"

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