deep secret - new US edition + i'm back

christian nutt ferricide at
Mon Dec 9 13:26:19 EST 2002

joe asks:

>That's disgraceful. Have you considered sending it back to the
>publishers and demanding a refund?

no. i hadn't. that's an interesting idea. possibly i should include the book 
and a strongly-worded letter about the nature of their facile and largely 
pointless censorship and demand a copy of the regular paperback in exchange. 

hallie asks:

>Wasn't there a lot of f-ing and blinding going on between Ted Mallory and 
>Thurless as well?  That  chopped?

you are quite possibly right. i don't have the original on meor i'd never 
have had to buy this edition. i'm glad i did, though, because i intend to 
give deep secret to a number of people as presents for christmas, and i 
probably would have gone with this edition sight unseen because i don't like 
the smallest size of paperback (which the adult US edition is) and this is a 
bit larger (i guess because it's aimed at kids.)

but when i get my nice hardback back, i shall have to compare the two, and 
put up another comparative post along the line of my "the ogre downstairs - 
behold the crap edition."

>I'm just flabbergasted by this.  It's got to be the most stupid, pointless, 
>idiotic...  Well, you all know.  Why on earth did they feel it was 
>necessary - either to aim it at YA audience OR to make those changes to do 

i imagine that they felt it was like free money to aim it at the YA audience 
when they already had the book -- many or most of DWJ's readers are probably 
thought by the publisher to be in that audience since the propensity of her 
works are. maybe deep secret had stopped selling in its adult edition.

this edition of DS is part of a larger sub-label the publisher has, and at 
least some of the other books in it are adult books republished as kids'. 
it's funny, because deep secret is in two sections of the bookstore at the 
same time. =P

as to the changes, i really don't know. well, i can see the "shit" being 
censored. the "sexual" being changed is just sad and prudish. then again, 
committees of screaming soccer moms marching into school libraries may be 
commonplace in the US for all i know. i'm awfully cynical about it, but that 
sort of thing is quite possibly happening over this. we don't have the PMRC 
anymore, but real musicians still have to put out "clean" versions of their 
CDs for sale at wal-mart, so i can believe anything.

>"shit"?  If I *were* going to censor it for kids (which I wouldn't!), I'd 
>dim down the description of the murder of the kids a bit, not worry about 
>the language.

possibly they just handed this book to someone who doesn't have much 
imagination and said "is this ready for teh kiddies?" and they said "no, we 
have to censor it." so they censored it in the most obvious way, were 
congratulated by the boss, and that was that. censors don't have much 
imagination, one would think. =) it's living life as negation personified. 
plus it's just a job isn't it? i don't imagine that being a censor at a 
publisher is the most rewarding position that one takes a lot of pride in 
and has dedication to.

at least i was able to warn the list, and now know to be careful with YA 
editions of adult fiction.


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