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christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Dec 6 13:19:34 EST 2002

hello all,

i'd unsubscribed from the DWJ list for the past few months because i'd been 
busy with various things going on in my life. but now things have settled 
down a bit so i thought i'd resubscribe.

just wanted to drop a note to mention that there's a new paperback edition 
of deep secret available in the US -- right now i'm living in an unfurnished 
apartment and most of my books are boxed up in storage several hundred miles 
away. as DS is one of my favorite books i went to a store and picked up a 
new copy of it and figured i'd just pass it off to a friend when i finished 

this edition has cover art by charles vess, who i never like, so i won't 
complain about it. =) the interesting thing is that it was shelved in the 
young adult section (i had looked in the sci-fi first because i know there's 
a mass market paperback edition that i'd seen there before. i have the 
original US hardcover.)

for the curious:

at any rate, the text and layout are the same as the hardcover. it's marked 
for ages 12+ and is published under the youth sub-label of the US publisher 
(in this case, starscape (i think) of TOR.)

but the big problem is that the book is censored. i wish i'd never bought 
it, and i can't pass it along to a friend.

deep secret spoilers below

first up, every instance of damn is now "darn."

in the book, rupert remarks that his brothers used to call him a "a little 
shit." it's "a little brat" and loses much of its comedy.

after maree is stripped by gram white, rupert picks her up and says it's one 
of the most "sensual" experiences he has ever had. in the new edition, it's 

worst change, i think: after maree is stripped, rupert tells janine that 
someone has stapled six rabbit testicles to her left breast. (i think that's 
right.) in the new version, it's "six rabbit turds to your shirt."

there were a few others i can't remember.

anyway, this is all just a caution so people don't buy this edition. if this 
has already come up, sorry -- i haven't checked the archives. but according 
to the informational page (does that have a real name?) it's a first 
printing in november 2002, so i expect not.

off topic: i also picked up the new mercedes lackey/andre norton book 
elvenborn. i've completely stopped reading pulpy fantasy novels years ago, 
but i remember the first two books very fondly and have read them repeatedly 
.. even semi-recently. it was disappointing. if anyone would like to discuss 
this .. i could rant. =)

[ christian nutt - ferricide at ]

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