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> > The end was a bit of an anticlimax, as
> > soon as the fire came within reach of the hoses it
> was
> > quite easily extinguished, this was at about 5AM. 
> Thank goodness. It's so hard to imagine- I don't
> think we've had fires that
> just burn *everything* since the blitz, if then. I'm
> so glad your and yours
> are all right. 
> How long does it take for the plants to regenerate
> after a fire? 
> Jennifer

With the right weather (ie rain) plants can start to
regrow within a couple of weeks. And we have had about
15mm of rain since the fire - the best rain for about
3 months. Grasses and grasslike plants - lomandras,
grass trees and gymea lilies here - will soon be small
sprouts of green, followed several months later in the
case of the grass trees by quite spectacular
flowerings. However it will be years before all the
undergrowth shrubs that the birds and small animals
like reapear. It has been 12 years since a fire went
through the bush behind us, so I guess it will be
another 12 years before things get back to the same
level. The intervening stages are interesting however
with some plants thriving for several years before
being replaced by other species. I've already started
going out with the digital camera to document what
occurs. One change already has occured with the rain;
after the fire there was an amazing tracery of white
ash throughout the bush showing where branches on the
ground had burnt. With the rain that has disappeared
into a uniform blackness. I have seen quite a few
small lizards in the bush (and also a rather forlorn
looking ringtailed possum) so some animals are OK.


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