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Kathleen Jennings s368333 at
Sat Aug 31 21:31:05 EDT 2002

(Which  is, of course, the meaning of Eureka).
I am very, very happy. The Brisbane City Council Booksale (ex-library, in
aid of children with cystic fibrosis) is on this week and a friend and I
went on Friday and came back loaded with books. (Full backpack - one that
took me to England, so not small - plastic bag with bad handle that I had to
hold like a sack and my other arm full of hardbacks. Getting out my bus
ticket was interesting. We went to the mall in the city centre and bought
stripey-bags. My friend said it looked like we'd been doing some serious
retail therapy, but I think we looked like we'd mugged a bag lady). I still
don't like thinking about the amount I spent but I don't regret it. And here
is the thing.... (cue drumroll) I was about to spend vast quantities of
money to obtain a copy of the Tough Guide and IfounditIfounditIfoundit!!!!
One of the pages has been torn and taped back together, but it is otherwise
in very readable condition and I am not about to start complaining,
especially when it only cost me $2. I've been inflicting it on my friends,
some of whom smile and nod while others now take to the hills when they see
me. And then someone stole it. But I know where they live....
I also found Howl's Moving Castle. I'm back off there this week as my mother
has gone to Canberra to see my new nephew (Samuel Francis O'Rourke) and made
the perilous decision to leave the car with me. (Buses and book-shopping
don't mix. I can't use my arms for two days after).
Deliriously happy and mildly hyperactive,
P.S. Has anyone on the list read 1066 And All That and noticed any
similarities between the treatment of the Scots and the Irish therein, and
that of the Pancelts in Tough Guide? Maybe it's just that particular strain
of British humour.

Hve blásnautt er hjarta sem einskis saknar.
How destitute is a heart that misses nothing.
       - Ýmir, Einar Benediktsson
Kathleen Jennings
s368333 at

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