Rah rah rah to Becca!

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Aug 28 08:02:42 EDT 2002

Hey Melissa--thanks so much for this letter! It made me ("me" is 
Becca, btw) feel all warm and mushy inside. People are being so nice 
about this, which somewhat helps to allay the pure terror. :)

>I'm with Philip on this one.  I'm really a dinosaur when it comes to reading
>things online or electronically.

I am also. Which is a bad thing when you have an e-book. Most people 
do prefer reading the dead tree versions, so LTDBooks has started 
printing some of their titles with POD (print on demand), a concept I 
really don't understand, and will probably not for quite a while, as 
I seem to have totally lost the contract for making POD copies of my 
book. Yay the professionalism of me.

>Hooray for Becca!  I can't even finish a full-length novel manuscript and
>you're already published!  That must be so exciting.  Do they provide the
>"cover art," or are you responsible for that?

Thank you! It is exciting, and scary. They provided the cover art, 
but it was actually done by my friend Linnea. I didn't know that 
until later.

>I was also wondering about how you got them to accept it in the 
>first place.  I looked at their guidelines for what they'd publish, 
>and they seemed pretty strict...and dedicated to already-published 
>authors.  Do you have a short story anthology I don't know about?  :)

It's a funny story. I wrote a short story ages ago and sent it to my 
friend Linnea, who was already published by LTDBooks, 'cause she 
critiques some of my work. She sent it to the LTD mailing list. The 
publisher there read it and liked it and said if I had written any 
novels, she'd like to see them. I'd written one, and I spent a summer 
frantically editing, and writing another on the side. Linnea saw the 
other one and said it was better than the first, so we sent that one 
off (Painted with Shadows) and it was accepted.

(Now that I think about it, that story's not very funny. It's just annoying.)

Thanks Philip and Ven too. I don't want anyone to feel they have to 
buy Painted though. It's perfectly fine to simply spread the word to 
all your friends and family. :)

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