Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Aug 27 15:01:33 EDT 2002

>I'm probably the last person who should attempt to answer this, as I'm 
>very ignorant, but I'd always assumed I'd never be interested in 
>ebooks.  But reading the two short stories from fictionwise which Tarja 
>recommended (downloaded in adobe pdf format, I think)  made me rethink my 
>attitude enough to read a thread about this on rasfw with interest. Seems 
>as if the majority of people who are converted to ebook reading have all 
>started out with the same "not for me" attitude!  I haven't checked this 
>out, so I'm not sure of the accuracy of my info, but Baen seems to be way 
>ahead of most other publishers.  The ability to read Bujold's books right 
>as they're published, and then pick up a pb when it's reasonably priced is 
>*very* tempting indeed.  (Mind you, I haven't priced the newer readers...)

I have had an aversion to reading fiction online, because I have been 
reading a lot of stuff that I edit (theses, primarily) online. So I kind of 
view it as a work, rather than pleasure medium.

My main issue with it is a visual one, because I wear glasses and reading 
can be tiring at the best of times, I find reading books generally easier. 
Of course this depends on the technology; if you can change print size and 
font, then maybe this is a plus. I am waiting for a better reading surface 
before I invest.


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