Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Aug 27 13:16:13 EDT 2002


(Becca's out, so only addressing the second part of this message)

>Which brings me to another slightly off topic question.  What do 
>people on this
>list think about electronic books?  I mean, how do people's reading 
>of e-books compare with paper books?  What would they want to make the
>technology more user-friendly?

I'm probably the last person who should attempt to answer this, as 
I'm very ignorant, but I'd always assumed I'd never be interested in 
ebooks.  But reading the two short stories from fictionwise which 
Tarja recommended (downloaded in adobe pdf format, I think)  made me 
rethink my attitude enough to read a thread about this on rasfw with 
interest. Seems as if the majority of people who are converted to 
ebook reading have all started out with the same "not for me" 
attitude!  I haven't checked this out, so I'm not sure of the 
accuracy of my info, but Baen seems to be way ahead of most other 
publishers.  The ability to read Bujold's books right as they're 
published, and then pick up a pb when it's reasonably priced is 
*very* tempting indeed.  (Mind you, I haven't priced the newer 


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