hemlocke hemlocke at fireandhemlock.net
Tue Aug 27 12:27:53 EDT 2002

> >Which brings me to another slightly off topic question.  What do people
on this list think about electronic books?  I mean, how do people's reading
experiences of e-books compare with paper books?

*grin* Me, I'm old-fashioned. I own a PDA myself but I'll never read a book
from one of those gadgets. I want the feel of paper rustling, the nice book
covers... How pretty the books look when you stack them on the shelf... You
get my meaning. Besides, my eyesight is bad enough as it is without
straining at a smaller screen.

I know, ebook technology is evolving fast - I might change my tune. I can
imagine situations where an ebook is faster and preferable, likesay when
download a textbook and you're doing a search for something. An ebook is
obviously lighter. Or if you're travelling and you need reference documents
in a compact form. I might change my mind in the future but for now, I'll
stick to the hardcopy, especially if I'm reading the books for leisure.


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