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I'm another roleplayer, for more than twenty
years now! But it started long before that with
fairytale pretend games, in which I was always
the handsome prince, then drama improvisation
classes. When I discovered roleplaying it was
like something I'd been looking for half my life
-- ever since Jayne across the road said she was
too old to play pretend games anymore. I've lost
track of how many systems I've played in, to say
nothing of how many characters....... I've played
with the same group mostly (give or take a few
players), as near to once a week as our schedules
allow. The main systems we have played are AD&D
in the early days -- mega powerful characters
tossing spells around fighting humungous
monsters, but in a sophisticated kind of way --
and these days its GURPS -- a would be universal
system for playing SF, historicals, horror,
fantasy, anything you like. The GURPs system is a
lot more down to earth and realistic than D&D,
magic is hard to come by and rather a pain to

Rebecca wrote
Kat said...
<<snip> which means the character, after a while,
becomes a sort of
> alter-ego.  And you can find yourself thinking,
outside of the RPG,
> "what would my character do in this situation?"
 So it can then end up
> that your character can influence the way you
think about some things --
> engender certain "habits of thought" -- and
this could be a good
> influence (like making you more confident) or a
bad influence, or a
> mixture.>>

I can't remember when I didn't have alter ego
fantasy characters in my head (unlike roleplaying
characters,rather too embarrassing to bring out
in public!) but since I made them up they are of
me, not outside of me, and no more likely to be a
bad influence on me than anything else in my
I basically agree with Rebecca when she said:

<'ve realized this too, and it's part of the
reason that I RP.  I look for 
certain character traits in myself that I wish I
understood better and try 
to emphasize them.  This is *not* to say that I
create an ideal me to play.>

snip interesting example
<Another Example: I have parental *issues*, and
every single serious role-playing 
character I've had has had something with his/her
parents, and each of them 
deals with it differently, but each of them finds
a way to deal with it, 
which I haven't.  I can then examine different
ways of dealing with things 
and their consequences in a pseudo-realistic way
I am more able to choose 
an appropriate way for *me* to deal with my
issues.  Any way -- other side 
of the coin, because the player-character leak is
the reason that I *do* 

I differ from Rebecca in that I don't conciously 
design my characters to enact my psychodramas but
they frequently do. Just before writing this I
was thinking "how about Gryff, HE doesn't have
parental issues."  Then I realised the hell he
doesn't, I killed off his simple minded mother
and matriarch granny before he was nine then had
his uncle make a catastrophic mistake in his
upbringing that left him homeless and starving
for half a winter............ (NB in no way shape
or form does this map directly onto my own
experience but I do know just how it fits). It
fascinates me to see how the kind of character I
play has changed over the years.  

>> And I decided I didn't want to play RPG games
which required me to act
> (for the duration of the game) as if I believed
there were many gods.

There are plenty that don't, with the GURPs
system it's pretty much a question of the
setting. At any rate I don't believe in any gods
as such and it bothers me a bit if I'm playing a
devout sort of christian like the idealistic
young Italian nobleman I had for a while.

<c)If you aren't careful about with whom you play
you can start seeing the 
people that give RPing the "Ohmygosh the evil!"

Indeed, I've known perfectly nice people who have
played evil guys to whom massacring peaceful
hobbits is only the start of it and i don't
really get that.


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