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> Cold comfort farm has been filmed for TV (at
> least) twice, the first time was back in the '60s or
> early '70s or so, I saw that before I read the book -
> it was that film (IIRC longer than the more recent
> version) that prompted me to read the book - which to
> my mind - was even better. I seem to recall that
> Freddie Jones was Urk (?).
> Jon Noble
I have not seen either film, but my mother saw it on TV (I think it must have 
been this earlier version) and said it was very good. She was watching it 
with my sister and her boyfriend of those days, and was amazed that the 
boyfriend got a big kick out of it too, when he was the sort of person who 
would never in a million years have read the book (he wasn't illiterate or 
stupid or anything, just not that type).

I thought CCF was an extremely clever book, but I have never really loved it. 
I bet I would actually enjoy it more as a film.

Helen Schinske
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