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> > 
> > You are right in the reference to Jack vance's
> "dying
> > earth" books (particular favourites of mine) as
> the
> > basis for the magic system used in D&D - and hence
> our
> > term for it
> > 
> Thank you two for the explanation. This system would
> not explain a feature
> of the magical system our RPG had. (I used to play
> at school - I guess it was
> a simplified version of D&D "The Black Eye" - that
> does *not* mean bruises in
> German :-) Like "Life energy points" you had Magic
> points and if you had
> used them, you couldn't do any spells until you'd
> recovered. If you were sending
> messages to creatures, that shouldn't take up so
> much energy...? Or maybe
> the points reflected the ability to concentrate. 
> Bettina

In some of our games we added the concept of "manna"
originally from Larry Niven's "The magic goes away"
where magic is a finite resource that gets used up
(which is why there is none left in the world today).
In our version Manna was more a characteristic of the
individual and did replenish after rest. 
To finally bring in an OBDWJ into this thread there
seems to be an element of the Larry Niven idea in
"Dark Lord" where the earth is being stolen and
removed to our (?) world for its inherent magicness.

Jon Noble

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