Cold Comfort Farm

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Sun Aug 25 17:18:41 EDT 2002

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> ---Original Message From: Ian W. Riddell
> >
> > Oh I loved "Cold Comfort Farm" - "There's always
> been a
> > Starkadder . . . ."
> >
> > Is the book as good as the film?
> Better.  I know that's hard to believe, but it's
> true.  And in a way
> that doesn't harm the film at all.  I'd gladly watch
> it again and/or
> read it again.
> Jacob Proffitt

Cold comfort farm has been filmed for TV (at
least)twice, the first time was back in the '60s or
early '70s or so, I saw that before I read the book -
it was that film (IIRC longer than the more recent
version) that prompted me to read the book - which to
my mind - was even better. I seem to recall that
Freddie Jones was Urk (?).

Jon Noble

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