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Sun Aug 25 14:26:55 EDT 2002


>  > (on Kage Baker) (at
>No, I don't think that's available through them (though they do offer
>novellas & novels in addition to short stories). "The Literery Agent" was
>one of my favourites as well as "The Queen in the Hill".

I read TLA last night, and really enjoyed it.  TQitH next.

While on fictionwise, I found that they had a book by one Becca De La 
Rosa, of whom some of you may have heard.  :)  Yup.  This is not a 
plug, as she was *most* reluctant even to allow me mention this here, 
and it is a full-length book so it's also full-price.  But if anyone 
wants to go just look at the description, it's kind of cool.  And be 
assured that the "great" rating is NOT from me.  Or Becca herself. 
Or any other family members.  Or friends!  (Her pals in her writing 
groups would all have ordered from the publishers).

>>  (on Martha Wells):
>>  I'd been meaning to check her homepage out, but when I did, decided
>>  against reading the chapters there - it's still far too long a wait
>>  to get that interested in it!  Did you like _Wheel of the Infinite_
>>  as much as I did?
>Yes. I loved the characters and the world was very interesting. She should
>write some more in this world after she finishes her next Ile Rien book =).

Oh, I agree that'd be great!  Maybe we should write and suggest it. 
I read an interview with Joan Aiken in which she told how she'd 
intended for Dido to be dead after Black Hearts, but a fan wrote 
asking her to keep Dido, and as the publishers lost the address, 
there was no way to reply, except to write the next book with Dido in 


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