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On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:
|> And I decided I didn't want to play RPG games which required me to act
|> (for the duration of the game) as if I believed there were many gods.
|Hmmm...I was *going* to suggest White Wolf's World of Darkness as a setting
|that allows montheistic characters, but a)It does have a set afterlife
|(reincarnation, although some of my favorite characters haven't believed in
|it -- my current one is a devout Catholic) b) It's a deeper experience than
|D&D.  There's more character/player leak and the characters feel more real.
|c)If you aren't careful about with whom you play you can start seeing the
|people that give RPing the "Ohmygosh the evil!" reputation.

I play a White Wolf Mage character who was a member of the Celestial
Chorus and a rabid Quaker -- those of you who know any members of the
Society of Friends may find that concept amusing -- and I used her to
stretch what I thought were the extremely limited views of religion
allowed by the game framework.  Eventually she started annoying the heck
out of me because she was so bloody *good*.  It was irritating.

I'm currently playing a 3rd edition D&D paladin who believes there is
only one God -- Moradin -- and all other gods are just aspects of
Moradin.  It's fun, mostly because the concept of magin in D&D almost
requires belief in many gods within the paradigm, but calling them all
aspects of one god gets around that.

I don't know why my rp characters are so obsessed with religion; I'm an
agnostic personally.  Though, as I was brought up religious, that's
probably why.

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