_Dark City_

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Aug 23 10:36:04 EDT 2002

+ >>seen "Dark City"?


+ It's very dark. Think "1984" meets "Blade Runner" meets "Naked Lunch".

say what? There are no spirals in any of those films (no Rufus Sewell either).

Yes, there's a _1984_ level of control and 1940s living, but without the grim
quotidian struggle and with no mention of the Party echelon at all; it's so
unlike _Blade Runner_ that all I can see to link the films is a Green idyll
outside the conurbation (and that's pushing it, but I'd need to give serious
spoilers) and the presence of cops/a freaky doctor; and _Naked Lunch_ is one
of those weird Blakeian parallel-text films (the book being unfilmable). The
brownish saturation is the only commonplace I can find.

_Dark City_ is much more a Goth idea of how to run a really mental mystery.
I'd say it has a slight touch of the [word deleted] concept behind His Divine
Shadow in the _Lexx_ films, but not so much as would spoil anything.

+ I really enjoyed it, my partner thought it was "weird."

I won't tell you what my PLP calls it, because it gives away the entire film
in one long phrase.
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