Emma Bull & Martha Wells & others (Was: Catch-up)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Aug 23 08:56:32 EDT 2002


>>Becca tried _Bone Dance_, but found it a bit upsetting, and is now 
>>rereading _Cold Comfort Farm_ for about the 25th time.  (The film, 
>>which we just saw,  was *almost* enough to turn me off Rufus 
>>Sewell. :)  I'll just have to go watch Middlemarch again, I guess. 
>>That should take care of it.)
>Now don't say that! That's where I met him for the first time! Have 
>you seen "Dark City"?

No, but obviously I may have to!

>Oh I loved "Cold Comfort Farm" - "There's always been a Starkadder . . . ."

We have "There'll be no butter in Hell" and "I saw something nasty in 
the woodshed" written on the bathroom wall.

>Is the book as good as the film?

The book is much, much better than the film!  Now there's a statement 
I won't be able to defend. :)  It is hilarious, though, and one huge 
advantage to it is being able to appreciate the dialect and invented 
words - sometimes it was just hard to distinguish the words in the 
film.  Oh, and the bits that are marked as specially literarily 
valuable - well, you should read it.  And btw, the book was a list 
recommendation for us too.  Another important life addition rec.

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