Emma Bull & Martha Wells & others (Was: Catch-up)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Aug 22 17:45:01 EDT 2002

Kyla (on _Bone Dance_:

>Yes, I did. It was sort of a mix of "hey, interesting futuristic
>setting" and "eh, nasty philosophical issues" and "I'm *so* confused" and
>"but I *like* them!" So it made me think and made me feel at the same
>time, which is really a paraphrase of what you said.

:)  But your version is more fun.  If you do read _War for the Oaks_ 
(which Becca just finished and loved also), and feel like it, let me 
know how you found it?  I've still got Melissa's interesting comment 
about liking the same things for different reasons rolling around in 
the back of my head, so it was fun to see your response to BD being 
so similar.

Tarja (on _War for the Oaks_):

>I read this for the first time this year as well. Alexlit had been
>recommending it for ages and I'd also seen mentions of it in other places.
>I  like urban fantasy (of all definitions :)) in general and I understand
>this book is one of the earlies examples of the genre in the form written by
>Lackey, de Lint, Bull, etc.

One definition of urban fantasy I hadn't seen during that discussion 
- a copy of WftO on ABE described it as "female musician's 
biography". :)  Who am I to say the mistake was the bookseller's...

(on Kage Baker):

>I haven't read any of the "Company" novels, but I've bought and read all the
>short stories available at Fictionwise (my latest addiction - see

Was "The Caravan from Troon" one of them?  Although that might be a 
bit long for short story.  I read that one in Asimov's and enjoyed it 
- seemed quite Connie Willis short story-ish (the fun ones, not the 
bleak or grim).

(on Martha Wells):

>Yup, that's me. If you interested, there is already an excerpt (two first
>chapters) of Wizard Hunters, the next Ile Rien book, online at Martha
>Wells's homepage at http://www.charisat.com

I'd been meaning to check her homepage out, but when I did, decided 
against reading the chapters there - it's still far too long a wait 
to get that interested in it!  Did you like _Wheel of the Infinite_ 
as much as I did?


>I like Emma Bull very much but I really don't
>like Falcon. To me it seems like two different
>stories squashed together. I've even read it
>twice to make sure I didn't like it.

I actually agree with that criticism.  (Unfortunately. ;) )  But I 
still found it so emotionally involving, even though that involvement 
really didn't start until the second part, that it didn't come near 
to ruining it for me.  (Oh, Kathryn said this already.  Sorry.)

>The trouble
>with discussing Bone Dance, of course, is the
>spoiler about the spoiler, which I didn't realise
>the first time round.

Yeah, it's sort of a problem if you don't want to ...  Yeah.  Becca 
was reading it the other day, and kept asking me very difficult to 
answer questions, which forced some creative evasiveness!

Ven on Kara Dalkey:

>I think KD is a very uneven writer. I really
>liked Steel Rose, which packs quite a punch(if
>you haven't read this Hallie you must, it's a
>kind of, um, counterpoint to War for the Oaks)
>and, because of the title similarity, expected as
>much from Crystal Sage only to find it couldn't
>fight it's way out of a wet paper bag. It's notn
>that I didn't like the book but it was just too
>nice. Anyone read any of the Goa trilogy after
>the first, which, sadly, didn't inspire me to buy
>the rest.

I'll definitely keep my eyes out for _Steel Rose_, though I can't 
remember coming across any of her books here.  I'm sure I read - was 
it _The Nightingale_ she wrote for the Fairy Tale series? ages ago, 
but can hardly remember it at all.  I ordered the first one of the 
Water trilogy as Cara had a gift token with Amazon, so we'll see how 
that is.  Lots of second-hand Goas floating around Tucson, but it 
didn't look all that appealing to me somehow.

Becca tried _Bone Dance_, but found it a bit upsetting, and is now 
rereading _Cold Comfort Farm_ for about the 25th time.  (The film, 
which we just saw,  was *almost* enough to turn me off Rufus Sewell. 
:)  I'll just have to go watch Middlemarch again, I guess.  That 
should take care of it.)


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