My thanks

Ian W. Riddell iwriddell at
Thu Aug 22 16:36:25 EDT 2002

Good afternoon . . .

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for this list and how 
much you give it. I'm still somewhat of a lurker but trying to engage in the 
conversations when I can.

I am really grateful for many things about this list, not least of which is 
the decidedly non-US-centred discussions. Having grown up and become an 
adult in Canada (and now living in the US) it's wonderful to hear all this 
talk of Australia and Great Britain.

You've also been showing me different ways to look at what I read and think 
about what I read - and I'm grateful for that. And I love the 

I'm currently in the middle of the second volume of Tad Williams' 
"Otherland" series and loving it. You've also brought me to Tim Powers and 
Connie Willis and Robert Charles Wilson (what a fabulous book "Chronoliths" 
was). Not to mention broadening my love for DWJ's work!

Just a sappy little note to say "thanks"



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