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Kat said...
<snip> which means the character, after a while, becomes a sort of
> alter-ego.  And you can find yourself thinking, outside of the RPG,
> "what would my character do in this situation?"  So it can then end up
> that your character can influence the way you think about some things --
> engender certain "habits of thought" -- and this could be a good
> influence (like making you more confident) or a bad influence, or a
> mixture.
I've realized this too, and it's part of the reason that I RP.  I look for 
certain character traits in myself that I wish I understood better and try 
to emphasize them.  This is *not* to say that I create an ideal me to play. 
An Example: My most recent character was a depressive, sarcastic Goth 
serial killer (NO I do not really want any of these adjectives to apply to 
me.  While, Goth isn't negative, but that would mean having to go clothes 
shopping for black clothees, and I hate clothes shopping) but she took her 
personally philosophies from T.S. Eliot, and I used her to explore his 
poetry, and by doing so got a better idea of how it influenced me.  Another 
Example: I have parental *issues*, and every single serious role-playing 
character I've had has had something with his/her parents, and each of them 
deals with it differently, but each of them finds a way to deal with it, 
which I haven't.  I can then examine different ways of dealing with things 
and their consequences in a pseudo-realistic way I am more able to choose 
an appropriate way for *me* to deal with my issues.  Any way -- other side 
of the coin, because the player-character leak is the reason that I *do* 

> And I decided I didn't want to play RPG games which required me to act
> (for the duration of the game) as if I believed there were many gods.
Hmmm...I was *going* to suggest White Wolf's World of Darkness as a setting 
that allows montheistic characters, but a)It does have a set afterlife 
(reincarnation, although some of my favorite characters haven't believed in 
it -- my current one is a devout Catholic) b) It's a deeper experience than 
D&D.  There's more character/player leak and the characters feel more real. 
c)If you aren't careful about with whom you play you can start seeing the 
people that give RPing the "Ohmygosh the evil!" reputation.
Anyway, me babbling on roleplaying
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